Frequently Asked Questions


Why hire The Pawlak Law Firm over other law firms?

      Your company receives personalized legal services that focus on your company’s particular needs.   The firm’s goal is to provide your company the best legal services for your business’ situation, and not waste time and expense getting your company to ‘perfect’ (unless that’s what your company wants).  The time and effort to get from best to perfect is often considerable, and very often not necessary to reach your company’s goals.

     Sometimes providing your company the best legal solution is insuring that your company understands the potential risks and rewards of taking certain actions, even if the result is your decision not to further utilize the firm’s legal services.

      Prior careers in the military and law enforcement required the firm’s principal, Peter Pawlak, to live up to the highest levels of integrity and professionalism.  Adherence to those qualities is the primary mission of the Pawlak Law Firm.


What types of clients does the Pawlak Law Firm represent?

      The Pawlak Law Firm represents any type of business, both large and small.  For smaller businesses the firm provides virtually all non-litigation needs (often acting as a ‘general counsel’).  For larger businesses, the firm generally provides more niche specialties such as trademark or franchising matters, or negotiating and preparing agreements.

      Recent clients, typical of the Pawlak Law Firm’s clientele, include:  --  Franchisor with 25+ franchisees  -- Website based businesses  --  Government Agencies  --  Tool corporation  --  Art-based businesses  --  Aerospace Engineering company  --  Stored-value gift card company  --  Multi-media company  --  Software Companies  --  Restaurant groups.


Does The Pawlak Law Firm always have the capacity to do the work?

      Yes.  The firm utilizes additional attorneys and other’s expertise, and the firm takes the steps early enough to insure capacity is never an issue.


Can The Pawlak Law Firm do any type of work that my company may require?

      No.  The Pawlak Law Firm specializes in ‘transactional‘ work that generally consists of drafting contracts, legal applications, and evaluating and ensuring compliance with relevant law.  Additionally, in the areas of business law (general corporate, employment and international), media law, technology and licensing law, intellectual property law (trademarks, copyright and Internet), and franchising.

      In addition, the firm does some ‘conflict’ work, in particular representing companies in trademark oppositions, sending and advising on cease-and-desist matters, negotiating and preparing settlement agreements, and advising on advancing matters to litigation.

        If your type of work falls outside of the description above, and The Pawlak Law Firm doesn’t have the expertise, the firm won’t attempt to do the work.  Instead, we’ll find you a proper referral for a law firm who does specialize in that area.

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